Artwork by @lemonpoppyseedm

Artwork by @lemonpoppyseedm

Hi, I'm Oli!

My name is Oli Bell, also known to some parts of the internet as Flame10A!

I am a University student from England, in my third and final year studying Computer Games Technology - basically, I study to create video games.

Alongside my course, I am often working on a few other projects. You can see my past projects in the Portfolio section of this site.

Programming Skills

I am well versed in multiple programming languages, primarily C# and Java. I mostly use my programming skill for the development of computer games, but also have experience creating non-game applications too.

C# ("C Sharp") & Unity

Unity Logo

Unity Logo

C# is my current 'best' language, mostly being used alongside Unity. It has been the main language throughout my course, and I have used it to create projects such as Fire Exit and Wittershale. I have used C# separate from Unity for smaller projects also, but nothing noteworthy outside my course work so far, as my major focus is in games.

Java & Bukkit

Bukkit Logo

Bukkit Logo

I have used Java to, in some ways, a greater extent than I have used C#. While I have used Java almost exclusively with Bukkit (API for developing server-side Minecraft modifications), I have been able to achieve a great deal, as can be seen on the page for Titan Rift, an MMORPG created for Minecraft multiplayer, where I was the lead developer for the majority of its lifetime.


I have some knowledge in Python, it being the first major language I learnt, during secondary school. While it is not my greatest language by far, I could easily pick it up again, as I use it very commonly for testing algorithms, alongside other small scripts.


I have a good amount of knowledge in C++, but have not used it too much outside of my course as of yet. I do believe I could easily learn more, especially given my existing knowledge in C# and Java, as they all use rather similar concepts.


Besides the above, I also have a limited amount of knowledge in a few other languages: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I am working to improve my knowledge in these in some of my spare time.


For any formal interactions, please contact me by email at:

Oliver [at] oliver-bell [dot] co [dot] uk

Informal interactions directed at this email address will be ignored.

For any informal interactions,  please see my social pages: