Early 2015

You awake in an unfamiliar place.

You have one simple goal: find an exit, and escape.

There's just one catch...

...everything's on fire.

What is Fire Exit?

You must find your way through five* burning buildings, a challenge set by a mysterious foe - not that you have any choice in the matter. By exploring the area and utilising the objects around you, it is your goal to make it out alive before you burn along with the rest of the building.

Fire Exit is a game which I originally developed as a first-year university project, using Unity 4. It is a first-person game, where the player must interact with the environment in order to escape the burning building they are trapped in.

*Current version is a demo only, and contains one building to escape from.

Notable Features Developed

  • Fire which could be put out by the player
    • Fire extinguishers could be used to put fire out, by spraying the base of it.
    • Fire would cause the player to start burning, and burn faster as time went on, or as they were touched by more fire.
    • When burning, the player could crouch and press R to roll on the floor, in order to stop themselves from burning.
  • Interaction system
    • Interacting with certain objects could trigger events, or cause the player to pick them up.
    • The name of an interactable object would be shown on screen when aimed at by the player.
    • Some held objects could be used; a fire extinguisher to spray (until it runs out), or a key to be used on a locked door.
  • Narration
    • The mysterious person trapping the player speaks to them through a radio, which they would keep with them.
    • Different areas would cause narration segments to be played.
    • Subtitles would be shown with each piece of narration.
    • Optionally, the player could leave the radio behind, causing narration not to be played.


Fire Exit as it stands is a one-level demo. I may turn it into a full game in the future, however for now it shall remain pretty much as it was when it was submitted as a university project.

Note: The game currently has only been tested on Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Bugs may potentially occur on other versions.


As above, I would very much like to turn Fire Exit into a full game given the chance.

While I did not have a full story planned out for it when I developed it, the intention for the game to consist of five or six levels. Where the first level is rather easy, additional levels would use larger buildings, and incorporate more obstacles which the player would need to find their way through.

As part of further development of the game, the fire system would need a bit of an overhaul. The fire spreading was the one thing I was left unsatisfied with, and for a full game could be much improved.