What is Spaceships?

Spaceships is a small game I created using Python and Pygame for a sixth form computing project. It is a space shooter game, where the player controls a spaceship, and must destroy the oncoming enemy ships, and must not let any foe pass them!

The game is in arcade-style; the player must aim to get the highest score they can, with a local (on their own PC) leaderboard showing the top scores.

The game ends when the player's health reaches zero, or when the player loses all their shields; shields represent the number of ships that may pass the player, before they lose the game.

Notable Features Developed

  • Key Features
    • Player may move left and right (moving off-screen will cause them to loop around to the other side), and aims and shoots with the mouse cursor
    • Enemies will approach the player in waves - each wave in one of several forms - which end once all enemies have either been defeated, or have left the screen
      • Bonus waves and meteor waves will also happen occasionally!
  • Powerups
    • The player may collect powerups dropped by enemies
    • Powerups will have either an instant effect, or last a set amount of time each - with a visual effect while active
    • Some included powerups:
      • Mirror shield: while active, the player will reflect any incoming projectiles back at the enemy, and will have a bubble around them
      • Health pickup: instantly heals the player
      • Extra shield: gives the player an extra shield, reducing the risk of losing due to ships passing them
  • Local leaderboard, stored on the player's PC
  • Options menu, allowing the player to alter audio and visual options


I plan on releasing Spaceships as a free game online very soon, once I manage to get an executable version together, rather than requiring the player to install the right versions of Python and Pygame.