Early 2016


What Is Wittershale?

Wittershale is a rogue-like game created by Bombsquad, a small game development team composed of myself and a few friends, for a 2nd-year university project.

The game involves traversing procedurally generated dungeon floors, fighting monsters, and attempting to get to the highest floor of the tower as possible - along with grabbing gold along the way.

Story Mode unravels the game's story and takes place over 20 floors, with every fifth floor containing a boss monster. Meanwhile Arcade Mode is endless, and the aim is to climb as much of the tower, or the scoreboard as possible.

Notable Features Developed

  • Procedural Dungeon Generation
    • Basic procedural generation of dungeon floors, using preset room templates with procedural floor layouts.
    • Rooms are automatically linked with doors, and key rooms such as exit and healing rooms are ensured to appear.
    • A floor map is shown, showing new areas as the player moves through each room.
  • Item/Ability system
    • Items may be picked up by the player after each boss fight.
    • Each item has an ability, usable by the player by right-clicking.
    • Abilities each have a cooldown time, and the player must discover new rooms in order to be able to use them again.
  • Projectile attacks and aiming cursor
  • Basic dialogue/cutscene system


Wittershale is now available on Game Jolt! You can get it for free, or name your price, if you wish to support us!